What I’m doing now

I’m living in Madrid, Spain, and I’m updating this on the 1st April 2018

Most of my time I’m working for Careershifters full time, and on top of this these are the projects that I’m working on and I’m enjoying.

  • Preparing to launch first Product Tank Workshop in Madrid:  Product Tank is launching workshops all around the world, and one of the cities we are preparing is Madrid.  I’m studying the content and working with a great team in Mind The Product
  • Studying Google Analytics: Specifically, I’m reading the book Web Analytics, An Hour a Day, by  Avinash Kaushik, and I’m loving the book.  I think understanding Web Analytics is going to help me product manage better in Careershifters, and also give me tips on how to insights and experiments we could run.  It also paves the way to making sure I’m well prepared for any future project that may involve web analytics.
  • Studying “Leading People and Teams” Coursera Specialization:  One little confession, I don’t manage team, but I’m planning one day to do this, and I want to prepare myself to make it happen in the most effective way.  I also love the topic of leadership and I’m enjoying the learning
  • Coaching:  I’m supporting a handful of clients (can’t do more for the time being), supporting them through their career transition, and I must say that from all of the above things this is the one I’m enjoying the most because I can see the impact and connect deeply with them, their hopes and dreams, and support them in making it happen. 


That ‘s all for the time being.  If there is any update, be sure I’ll update it publicly here 😉

Bye for now!