I have a tendency to want to plan everything and have everything mapped out career wise, to minimise the risk of anything going wrong due to the fear of making a mistake. Alex pushed me to take action and to make me accountable for my actions and more importantly has challenged me, not to make excuses at times where ‘I believe’ I have reached a dead end. Following my sessions with Alex, I truly believe that change will happen and that moving forward and taking action is always going to be better than worrying about what if”

– Andrea Asamoah –


“Alex, since the first meeting we had, had the patience to listen and support me get back into the job market.  He helped me understand what my strengths and weaknesses.  I started to get clear on what should be my priorities.  I also rediscovered my skills and talents, and most importantly, I  learned to value my experience and professional experience. “

– Miguel Levy –


“Alex helped me clarify my talents and skills and communicate them in a more powerful way on the market place to ensure my profile promoted my skills and experience . The work done with Alex helped me secure a role in Strategy at HSBC”

– Sebastian Wilson –


“I approached Alex not long after being made redundant, and he really helped me obtain closure on this very unsettling part of my career by coaching me through a series of mechanisms to attain a framework of objective perspectives on my experience and skills. Through our sessions, Alex also greatly aided me in gaining the clarity and confidence that I was seeking in order to explore new professional horizons and boldly reach out to people and organisations for expert insights.”

– Phil Millns –